Discover The Essence Of Travel With Level Up Travel

At Level Up Travel, we believe that travel isn’t just about moving from one place to another.

It’s about immersing yourself in diverse cultures, forging genuine connections, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

We understand the spirit of adventure that drives you, and we’re here to ensure that every journey you undertake with us becomes a story worth sharing.

Hey, I'm Matt

The wanderlust-seeking founder behind Level Up Travel.

For me, travel has always been a source of happiness and a way to connect to people and places. Along my journey, I’ve traveled across all 7 continents and met countless other locals and fellow travelers along the way, discovering hidden gems, tasty food, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

I found Level Up Travel with the mission to make traveling easier for others, so they too can experience everything this world has to offer.

Using my network of contacts and valued suppliers and partners, I will help transform your dream trip into a memorable experience.

My team and I will curate the perfect itineraries, removing the stress and logistical hurdles, so you get to relax and have the time of your life!

Personalized Travel, Tailored Just For You

We believe in making your trips as unique as you are by customizing every aspect of your journey – from your preferences to your interests – we ensure that your travel experience truly reflects who you are.

Expertise Inspired By Wanderlust

Just like you, we’re avid explorers. This means we deeply understand your urge to discover.

Using our experience and network across all 7 continents, we will create experiences that resonate with your love for adventure, ensuring each journey becomes a memorable experience.